Freedom™ DRV

A leap forward in ESK8 evolution and an exceptional tool for the Superbeast®... 

The first universal, precision-performance gear drive system for electric skateboards.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Southern California, the birthplace of skateboarding - U.S. Patents Pending


    • Choose your colorway
    • Front & rear Terminator® TRX
    • 2 X 6374/140KV motors (Made in China)
    • Precision CNC machined from solid block T6 aluminum billet
    • 360° adjustable motor mounts - allow you to easily position motors in front or back of the trucks
    • Quick-swap kegel pattern wheel adapters for lightning-fast pit stops
    • 60mm gear housing height accomodates 80mm - 150mm wheels
    • 165mm hanger / 12" axle width for a tight turning radius
    • Adjustable ratio: 15/16/17 or 18T drive gear // 34T wheel gear - gives you optional speed of 40+ MPH
    • Dual inner bearings with V-Seal™ gasket for pinpoint alignment (more stability) and longer bearing life
    • Hardened stainless steel step axels (8-10mm) / non-rust / stronger than Titanium 
    • Gear materials: Steel (drive) - Acetal (idler/wheel) 


    "Software comes and goes, hardware is forever." - Donna Clark (Halt and Catch Fire)